September 16, 2017 9:45 am

Crossfire Airsoft Napanee

749 Buttermilk Falls Rd

COST: Entry – $25 (Members Free) Rentals Available

The World has gone sideways after 100 brush and civil wars have broken out. Danger Zone and places like it have become refugee communities for the displaced. What remains of the Military has been assisting these communities with regular food and water drops.
At Danger Zone, something went wrong, and the Military dropped an experimental weapons cache instead.
Not wanting the weapons to fall into the wrong hands, the Military forces have sent in a search and retrieval force and cut all communication with the Danger Zone Community. At 0900 hours, the force was deployed to the Danger Zone Airfield and has set up at Command Post there.

Knowing that their usual supply drop was delivered but not receiving a communique from the Military about it, and with the sudden appearance of Military forces in the area, the Community in the Town at Danger Zone have armed themselves and also begun to search for what they believe is rightfully theirs!

Capture Flags, Cases and Enemy Players to earn points to gain one of two tactical advantages on the field temporarily. Player’s must find and Capture Enemy Persons Of Interest to acquire one of five total pieces of Intel, that will provide the final location of the cache that needs to be captured. Flags also act as spawn points.

Hit players will have a 2 minute bleed out timer. During this time, any friendly player may use the hit players’ ONE bandage to revive the downed player. MEDIC players may carry up to 5 bandages instead of just one. Each player can be revived TWICE (Once using their personal carry bandage, once using either medic bandage). A player who has been bandaged twice must still bleed out for two minutes. Once the bleed out timer is expired, that player must return to the nearest uncontested spawn point (flags owned by their team that currently are not being fought over) and wait for a total of 2 other players to join them before respawning. Medics may Scavenge bandages from respawning players or restock at the CP. Players may ONLY reload magazines AT THEIR CP.

A player may capture ANY enemy who is currently bleeding out by approaching that player and telling them they are captured. You may only capture ONE enemy at a time. Captured players will act as if their hands are bound (may not operate weapons) and can only be unbound by either managing to escape their captor. Captured players may NOT kill their captors to make their escape. Captors are allowed to shoot escapees, at which point the escape returns to the two minute bleed out, and can be recaptured. Captured players must be returned to your CP before you are awarded points or can search them for Intel. (Search players by asking for intel). Remember, while, capturing an enemy is worth points and may gain you the Intel, you must escort them back to your CP to do so, effectively taking you out of the fight.

Below is a list of gear besides your normal load outs that you must bring.
1: A watch (Bleed out timer)
2: An FRS radio to communicate with your team and game control. Baofeng UV5R is recommended. Danger Zone is 140 Acres!
3: A kill rag
4: Both Camo and Civilian clothes. This helps Game Control balance the teams at the start of the day. IE: Bring your awesome camo’d up kit, with helmet etc, but also bring a pair of jeans, long sleeve shirt and a ball cap to switch. Camo chest rigs / Vests on civilian players is fine. The clothes denote the team.
5: Midcap are preferred, but high caps are acceptable. If using highcaps, please only carry a maximum of THREE (One in your weapon, and two reloads).
6: A sense of humour and a bit of role play. Captured players should play up their role, as well as their Captors, with in obvious reason. Captors should be gentle when shooting escapees (one or two rounds will suffice, no full auto required)
7: A sense of honour and Fairplay. If a player does not call the first hit, shoot them ONCE more, we all make mistakes. If they do not call it after that, report that Player’s details to Game Control. Do Not Call Other Players Hits for Them! Only Call Your Own!

SHOW UP EARLY AND PAY ATTENTION AT THE BRIEFINGS! There are details in them that are not contained here!

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