July 2, 2016 to July 3, 2016 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

Crossfire Airsoft Napanee

749 Buttermilk Falls Rd

No good guys. Only bad guys.

Cost: $40 (pre-pay by June 10 for patch)
Rental kit: $20 (HPA gun, mask/goggles, 1 midcap full)
(Pre-pay/reserve rental by emt to or use this link

Teams: 3
Cartel – green
Terrorists – Tan
Police – civilian (Game Control Team)

Game Style:
MilSim-style scenario game. Several major objectives, with some concurrent minor objectives. Fast-paced, with meal break.

DZ MILSIM IS 140 ACRES!! 3km perimeter, 1.1km corner to corner!

Hosted by Rapidfire Airsoft and Lion War Combat Unit.
If you enjoyed the high action of Reclamation 2 and Fallen Angel 3 you’ll love this one!

Some missions will be posted here…others will be a “pleasant” surprise!

Field FPS: 400 (mandatory chrono)
Age: 16+
Barrel covers required
Full seal goggles required
Face protection mandatory for under 18 years old.
Smoke grenades permitted unless burn ban in effect
Fireworks GC only – inquire; exception may be made
Complete field rules:

-gun hit= switch to secondary or knife
-5 minute bleed out (count to 300)
-medics have limited bandages
-can be healed unlimited times
-if not healed in 5 minutes, walk to respawn and re-enter

-players are invulnerable within 30m of respawn

-are invincible
-carry max 4 players (+ 1 GC driver)
-control vehicles by controlling armoured regiment (both vehicles controlled by 1 point)

-must shoot BBs to be fatal. All others are distraction only.

-COMMS ARE NEEDED for many parts of this event and must have sufficient range. More on this will follow over the coming weeks.

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